10 Reasons To Hire a Freelance Copywriter

beautiful journalist looks typewriter
By: Gordon Conner

So, should you hire a freelance copywriter? Is it worth the investment? Couldn’t you just do it yourself? Do you have the expertise? Do you have the time? Do you enjoy it? Then, have at it. If not, let’s take a look at a few good reasons to bring on a pro:

1. Content is king.
The Internet is where it’s at today. Email, websites, blogs, and social media are where marketing communications are, taking place today. It’s a new world. Little time is spent with television, radio, and print in deference to the Internet. Today’s businesses need writers who can write and optimize content for search engines while creating writing that compels readers.

2. Time is money.
As mentioned above, you could write this copy yourself, or have an employee do it. My guess is your time would be better spent running your business. Your employees would probably be much more beneficial working with customers instead of trying to write copy, which they aren’t trained to do.

3. The message builds the brand.
Every piece of copy that leaves your establishment is contributing to your company’s brand. This includes everything from your slogan, letters, business cards, to advertising, website and all media. Even the color of your dress today.

4. A fresh perspective changes everything.
You’re just too close to it to see the whole picture. A copywriter will bring a different perspective and a fresh way to approach the story.

5. You get a higher return on your ROI.
Obviously, you need a website and media to tell your story. That costs money. You’re looking at graphic design, broadcasting, printing, photography, etc. If your copy is professionally written, you get a better return on your total investment.

6. There’s more clutter today.
Anybody can produce content for the Internet, which results in an overwhelming amount of clutter. By having your content written professionally and using the right search engine optimization strategies you can break through that clutter and get results.

7. Good copywriters have lots of connections.
Copywriters work with a lot of other creative professionals in the course of doing their job. That gives them access to many other SEO experts, graphic designers, web developers, art directors, and ad agencies for many other services.

8. It’s cheaper than hiring an in-house writer.
When you establish a relationship with a freelance copywriter, you get all the benefits of an in-house staff, without salaries and benefits. Many writers will make it easier for you by setting aside hours monthly for a retainer.

9. The work is better, faster.
Are you and your staff world-class writers? If you hire a freelance copywriter, he does this on a daily basis and this kind of work comes naturally. His work will get top priority and be done faster than if done in-house.

10. It’s about more just words.
Copywriters are more than writers. They’re also market researchers and strategists. This brings new and interesting insights into your situation, which leads to new input for all of your marketing communications strategy.
About the Author


Gordon Conner is a copywriter, content writer, and blogger who writes “Snappy Copy That Sells Stuff”. He has been providing advertising, marketing, branding and copywriting services for 39 years and lives in Midlothian, Virginia. He can be reached at Gordon@GordonConner.com. or http://www.GordonConner.com.


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