Professional Copywriting



Ask anyone who has ever hired a freelance copywriter and they’ll tell you: There’s just no substitute for experience. This is especially true when it comes to freelance copywriting. Your writer either “gets it” or doesn’t. Ultimately, it’s the difference between a smooth, hassle-free project that’s on target and exceeds your expectations—and one that falls well short.
As a long-time copywriter, I bring more than two decades of valuable experience to each project and assignment. One of my specialties is freelance copywriting, where practical experience is essential. You need a freelance copywriter who understands the nuances involved in communicating with executives and entrepreneurs—who knows how to “speak the language” and is comfortable interviewing a small business owner or a Fortune 500 CEO. You don’t have the time or patience for on-the-job freelance writer training.
Throughout my professional career, I have worked closely with a wide variety of businesses as a marketing consultant and business writer. These include banks, new home builders, real estate developers, B2B companies, retailers, manufacturers, you name it, for whom I have written ads, newsletters, brochures, direct mail campaigns, website copy, email campaigns, PowerPoint presentations and more.

In particular, I specialize in grasping niche business markets and industries quickly and then writing high-quality, “snappy content targeted specifically to sell stuff to these audiences.”




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