Dramatic Moments

investeors-riveria-ad (1)

A crucial step in making a name for your company, or becoming a Category of One company, after clearly defining your brand, is presenting your story to your market. We are all exposed to thousands of promotional messages every day and to cut through all of that clutter, your message must get attention and be presented with impact and drama. You have to deliver with Dramatic Moments.

This is the result of all of the consumer interviews, benefit testing, strategy statements, product evaluations, and position statements. Drama without a reason to buy is worthless. But, my approach is to give them a reason to buy based on your tiebreaker, or Dominant Value Point, and knock their socks off in the process. If you have your own agency or designer, I’ll work with all providers, even yours, to get the best Dramatic Moments possible.

The most effective campaigns are built through a collaborative effort between the creative team and the media planners. I work in conjunction with all these folks to decide what the size and length should be; whether to include radio, outdoor, TV, mobile or Internet advertising; balancing frequency and impact with an eye to the budget and a profitable ROI. In time, it all comes together to cover the market, minds and emotions of those falling within the geographic and demographic targets.

That’s how Category of One companies are made and how results are achieved.


Email: Gordon@GordonConner.com


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