Meet Gordon

Hi there…

I’m Gordon and I’m a Brand Consultant/Coach and Copywriter. I started all of this 39 years ago right here in Richmond. (Time flies when you’re having fun, right?) It wasn’t always this way. My original intent was to be a cartoonist. Yep, Beetle Bailey, Wile E. Coyote, Peanuts, et al. I even took a cartooning correspondence course in high school back in Roanoke, where I grew up, and then applied to art school here at VCU.

They rejected me!

So, many years later I started this business, because I really didn’t have a lot of options at the time. I was nuts, but hey; it’s a business for nuts…creative nuts. And now after the roller coaster ride of the century, BranWorks is focusing on what we do best-branding and solving problems for small local businesses and entrepreneurs. And it’s fun. We’ve been through several phases over the years. We spent many years as experts in the community banking field. And we also became quite adept at helping home builders and real estate developers build solid brands for their businesses. Plus, B2B  and retail have always been staple categories for us, dating back to my agency days, pre-BranWorks.

Along the way, I also learned something very important about this whole branding thing.

I discovered that a company can jump through all the hoops, have the perfect logo, tagline, value proposition and produce wonderful marketing, both traditional and inbound. But if they ignore the most important component, the customer, all of their effort will have a very limited life. We’ve learned how important that customer is and if you don’t show her some love and make her buying experience a WOW! experience, she won’t be back. And her repeat business is what your entire future is teetering on. So, don’t blow it. Make that lady (or man, or child) ecstatic about doing business with you.

So, now we’re in the Internet Age

This whole Internet thing brings  a new dynamic to what this ad guy has done for 39 years, but I like it! Except for the fact that everyone does business through email. Look, I’ve been around for quite a while. Almost bought the farm once. But,  I didn’t learn how to do my job in cyberspace, even though I did get Hubspot certified in inbound marketing. (I get it now!) But I’ve always been one for personal contact and doing business face-to-face. So, if we work together, better get used to seeing me from time to time. (I want to see why people are buying your stuff.) This Internet thing also offers some very interesting alternatives for small businesses as they scratch their way to the top. Which takes me back to my beginning. This is sort of like helping the Roadrunner escape the clutches of Wile E. Coyote.




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