About Gordon

How to Come Out of a Rabbit Hole.

I’m Gordon and I’m a Professional Copywriter. I started all of this 42 years ago right here in Richmond. (Time flies when you’re having fun, right?) It wasn’t always about writing. My original intent was to be a cartoonist.  But, I eventually emerged from that rabbit hole and got an advertising degree instead.

OK, so I was nuts, but hey; it’s a business for nuts…creative nuts. And now after the roller coaster ride of the century, I’m focusing on what I do best, solving copywriting problems for home builders, developers, brokers, and providing marketing and branding content for all of them. And lots more.

From Banks to Builders

I’ve been through several phases over the years. I spent many years as an expert in the community banking field, writing annual reports, advertising, etc. And I also became quite adept at helping businesses of all types to build solid brands.

But along the way, the real estate bug bit. And I was hooked. For the next 25 years, it was mostly about marketing homes and brands. And all the while, developing “snappy content that sells stuff”.

So, now we’re in the Internet Age

The whole Internet thing brings a new dynamic to what this advertising and copywriting guy has done for 42 years, but I like it! Look, I’ve been around for quite a while now. (Almost bought the farm once.) Even got Hubspot certified in inbound marketing. (I get it now!)

This Internet thing also offers some very interesting alternatives for small businesses as they scratch their way to the top.  Most of them don’t know how to write this kind of copy, nor do they have time for it. That’s where I come in. I take it off their plate so they can do what they do best-sell stuff and make money! Easy-peasy!

Which takes me back to my beginning. This is sort of like keeping Bugs in his rabbit hole and helping the Roadrunner escape the clutches of Wile E. Coyote. Any suggestions for how the Coyote can win this one?

Visit my Blog at: http://www.GordonConner.com/Blog


Email: Gordon@GordonConner.com
Phone: 804-651-5088


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